Barack Obama: Sign of the end or sign of the kingdom?

Facebook is the great contributor to all that is social opinion. It is here what I can see whether or not people are in favor or against health care reform. It is here where I can find out whether or not people think that Barack Obama is a true agent of piece.

In my short life I have seen a wrestler become Governor, an actor become the Govenator, a comedian become Senator, and a black man become President. Recently, however, what once began as a great unity has not become a great divide. I have seen people I have gone to High School and College with, as well as people tell me that he indicates an end times indicator of the Anti-Christ.

I am, however not, in this group. While in political values, I am predominantly conservative, because I want gov’t completely out of my life, I am deeply proud that I have an African American as a president. I think it says something as a people, when we can elect someone who has something that no other president has ever had, conveys to me, that socially we have made progress since the 1950’s and 60’s.  One of the greatest advancements of the kingdom is when the minority is empowered, given a voice, and can enrich our values and beliefs because of suffering and persevearance.

Whether or not you are a conservative or a liberal, we must be proud of the fact that we have an African American president. We must be proud that we have advanced socially, and, we must continue in this progression. Someday, I hope to see Hispanics, Orientals, and Women come into office.


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