Somethings Brewing

I met several people, to, in, & from Denver that gave me great hope. Maybe, it gave me hope because it affirmed the things within me. Maybe, it gave me hope because I was able to be a source of possible healing or reconciliation. Maybe, it gave me hope, because I actually showed up in God’s presence.

On my trip I met several people on the airplane and just in conversation with people who had wrestled with God, the Church and themselves. Painful things happened to them, and they both gave up on Church, God and themselves (This rings far too true with my own story). In their struggle with life, they came to a place of hopelessness (my own story), and, in a drastic movement, they gave up on the cultured church presumptions that they had been given, and, began searching for what it means to follow Jesus.

I’d be foolish, you’d be foolish, if we didn’t recognize this happening. I’m finally coming to the belief that most Christians aren’t bad, there just happened to be a few with a great zeal to turn people away. Something is brewing in Christianity. People are searching for Jesus now more than ever and removing the cancer known as religion.

People haven’t given up on God. People have given up on the Church. People are embracing Jesus.

This is beautiful. This is art. This is a challenge.

Here’s to a beautiful open generation that is seeking Jesus. Here’s to a beautiful generation that is embracing the thoughts of what it means to follow our beloved rabbi.
Stay hopeful. There is beauty buried beneath the filth. We do not see clearly now, but, someday we will.


One thought on “Somethings Brewing

  1. Krista Chapman says:

    Deep unto deep is calling you, son (Psalm 42:7-8). There is no journey in life more glorious than being a God Chaser!!! Blessed are the hungry ones, blessed are the desperate ones, for they shall be FILLED!

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