Monday= Day of Repentance

There is a show on A&E on Monday nights called intervention. The show consists of addicts, typically of drug and alcohol. In this show you see strung out people, who are dying, even when they don’t see it. The show then goes on to have an intervention (hence the name), in which the family plea’s with the addict to change their life around. They explain how the addict is not only killing themselves, but, they’re also killing those around them.


I pray to God, that you have never suffered from an addiction. Its pure hell. I have had an eating addiction since before I was even a teenager. Nights, binging on pizza, donuts, and Cinnamon Toast Crunch. All in attempt to recover from years of rejection, abuse and insecurity.


I am a year and half removed from this lifestyle. With a relapse, here and there, I am finally at a place where I am no longer in this hell. So Monday nights is a night of repentance, where I remember what I endured. And, this is a time of celebration and sobriety. I celebrate because I am alive physically, and spiritually. Its also a time, where I reject that former life and embrace what is new. Watching these people brings out my greatest pain, and, I never want to go back. I have great compassion on addicts. I have been there.


I don’t want to kill my family anymore. I don’t want to kill my friends anymore. I don’t want to kill strangers anymore. Because when I am there, I am dying, and death is all that comes out.


Intervention is the great reminder of who I was, what I did, what they did, what I am doing. And, its a time to celebrate. And, its a time to remember.


Repentance reminds me of the great love of Jesus, who lit up a cigar and partied with me when I turned it around. Because, that’s the type of God he is. That’s the type of friend that he is.

Repentance reminds me of my friends, who celebrated me, and embraced me as I was the whole time.

Repentance reminds of the healing that I have seen with all of my relationships.Myself with me. Myself with God. Myself with the world.

Monday, is my day of repentance.


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