Revolution for dummies

I’m not very good at much in life. I can talk, sometimes well. Other times, not so well. So when people give me a book for dummies, I’m kind of grateful. I’m not to sure what I’ll do when I have to learn how to fix things. They’ll write a book for me called An idiots guide presents: Fixing stuff for idiots.

So, I was thinking today, I would like to change the world, someday, hopefully sooner than later.

Jesus told this story about a mustard seed that is planted and it becomes the biggest plant. I think what Jesus was saying, Big things come in little packages (And, no, that’s not what she said). Plant little seeds and big things come out of it.

Revolution comes out of the smallest things. God tells us that this same seed, if planted in faith, could move mountains. Paul also tells us that even with that faith planted, if its roots are not in love, then its all worthless.

You can move the mountains.

You can change the world.

Start small.

Love people where they are at. Do acts of kindness. Be considerate. Listen. Hope. Look in people’s eyes. Encourage others. Be patient.

Change the world today. Plant small seeds. Live in faith, live in love.


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