Parable of the rich man and the old veteran

One morning, a rich man woke up with an enormous guilt because he had not tithed his 10% to God’s work. So he dug through his loft seeking out his checkbook. When he finally found it, he drove down to the local food shelf, and wrote a check to buy several thousand pounds of food for the shelter.

Meanwhile, an old man, who was a veteran and had no money to give, came at the same time. He gathered around the tables where the homeless people ate and began telling old war stories. He talked about the inhumane things he had to do and all the inhumane things he saw. He then listened to the stories of the homeless people and related to them in their poverty. Through all of this, the old man was able to convey and live out a message of peace to the homeless people.



I think so often in our lives, myself especially, its so easy  to do what Christ wanted to do. I don’t think that this is what Christ wants. Its good to give 10%, but, our giving should cause us pain and bring us joy at the same time. More importantly, I would like to be like the veteran. He wasn’t trying to be religious or like Jesus, he was Jesus for these people.

I believe its important to remember that we are called to BE Christ, not DO Christ. Being Christ requires us to be in touch with our own poverty and the poverty around us. It requires us to go where Christ went, to think the way Christ thought, to see what Christ saw, and, to be Christ where Christ isn’t.

I pray, that I can move to this place of being over doing.


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