I know how you feel….

I was at a funeral a while back, and, I was a wreck. I mean, in that moment, I felt as if I had lost everything. This person was so dear to me. And, it had been the first time in years that I had cried, and someone came up to me and said “Don’t cry, celebrate, this person is in a better place”. My heart in that moment was wanting to go tell them to screw themselves. Now, this person meant well but, her tact was incredibly stupid. What I really wanted to hear was “I know how you feel”.

Last night I was reflecting upon the great community you feel when you meet someone who knows what you’re going through. I was reading a book last week by a guy named Richard Rohr, and, I felt like the dialogue in the book was being spoken directly into my heart. The affirmation, was so incredible in that moment because I could say in my heart and in my head “I am not alone”.

AA is one of the most beautiful examples of this in the world, because you know why they are there, and when someone says “I know your pain”. You know that they do.

I think  this is why community is so essential to followers of Christ. We are called here to live life together, to experience together and be with one another. We are called to be vulnerable, to share our hearts, our pain, our joy, our suffering, our peace, our hope.

I pray that you have someone in your life that can say to you “I know how you feel”.



2 thoughts on “I know how you feel….

  1. Tim Thompson says:

    Hey Mike –

    In contrast to the “Don’t cry…” comment, I always appreciate so much the verse in 1 Thess. 4:13 where Paul says in effect “Don’t grieve… as if you had no hope.” I’ve always heard in that an encouragement to go ahead and grieve, but to do it while holding on to the promise that grief has an end when we are reunited with our loved ones. I lost my parents several years ago and that’s the verse that really connects for me.

    People mean well, and sometimes say the worst things. Funerals seem to attract these comments like a magnet! The one that makes me cringe the most is the little poem you sometimes see on funeral brochures that ends with the line: “… God broke our hearts to prove to us, He only takes the best.” YEECHHH!!

    Kinda hard to be comforted by a God who’ll break your heart just to make a point. But maybe that’s just me. 😉


  2. mfries05 says:

    Love this Tim! I’m not sure I can fall in love with a God who would cause suffering. However, I can fall in love with a God who will give purpose to suffering. That passage is encouraging too!

    Thanks for commenting!

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