Minnesota Timberwolves & Dashboard Confessional

I often joke with people that I have learned everything in life from being a Minnesota Timberwolves fan. It teaches you how to persevere under the worst circumstances. It helps you to appreciate the good you have (Jonny Flynn,  Big Al, Kevin Love). It brings out the fact that you have to learn how to love under the worst circumstances. It teaches you to have faith when things seem dim. All of this in a half serious, half hearted, sarcastic tone.

There is also this band called Dashboard Confessional, whose new cd is amazing, and, its about time that they put out a good one (last few have been rough in my humble opinion). The first track of the cd is called Get Me Right. In this song, the singer Chris, talks about his search for Jesus and his wanting to get right with him.

What I realize in all of this, is my need for the big picture. Its easy to lose hope in dim situations. Its easy to throw in the towel. The truth is, the Minnesota Timberwolves will only be bad for so long, a few good draft picks and a good free agent, and you’re a playoff team. And, if Chris, keeps seeking Jesus, he will get right with Jesus (If he’s seeking Jesus, he’s already right with him, and, that’s a beautiful thought).

I know that if Jesus were a basketball fan, he’d be a Timberwolves fan, because, he wants to restore all things. I know that if Jesus hit his ipod, and, Get Me Right came on, he’d smile, because, he’s at work in Chris’s heart. Jesus is at work helping us become the person he knows we already are. And, that’s an encouraging thought.

Stay encouraged.


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