A little more Jesus, a little less divine.

I watched this episode of that 70’s show once where Kelso was talking with the other guys about why he goes to Church. And, it insisted upon of keeping it right with the big guy upstairs. Then they asked him about what he did in his van, and Kelso replied “Well God can’t see that, I’m in my van”.

I think that this hits at something that we deeply struggle with as Christians. We see God as this all divine being, which he is, that deserves our worship, which he does, but, what about Jesus the man? I mean, I can sing some poorly written worship song about how I could sing of God’s love forever, or, I could rhytmically sing “Yes Lord, Yes Lord, Yes Yes Lord”, but, what does that have to do with following God? With following Jesus?

The divine, is beautiful and sacred, but, wasn’t Jesus a man? And, if I am a man too, don’t I need a human example how to live out this live? Because, the divine is unobtainable to me, at least at this point. I need, flesh and blood. I need the nitty gritty Jesus, who invites me to follow him, in all my struggles, in all my doubts. I need a God, who invites me into a new way, even when his new way causes me incredible pain because he wants me to free me from my own. I need Jesus, because without Jesus, I don’t see hope for humanity. I need Jesus because I need the human touch when I can’t sense the divine.

One of the most healing things for me as of late, has been the awakening of my eyes to the people following Jesus around me. They’re truly the most beautiful beacons this life has to offer. They reflect God in human form. It has been God’s grace to me, to remember how beautiful his bride can be.

When I get the flesh and blood, I remember the divine. But, I need the flesh and blood first, I believe.


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