Freedom of Results

Hey Everyone,

Hope you’re Sunday is treating you well. Vikings are 8-1!

I’ve been dwelling a lot on art and the role of creation a lot over the past few months. I realize that I have lost a lot over the least few years (Relationships, weight, myself), and, I have gained so much more in the process.

Very few things make me feel more a live than words. The ability so read words, hear words, share words, reflect on words. Words change me. This is why I love to talk, read and most importantly, listen.

I know that one of God’s most beautiful things that he gives us is passion and the ability to create out of that passion. I believe, as far as it goes now, that I have submitted my life to the art of communication. Everywhere I go, I try to replicate the ideas I hear, dream about, grow and struggle in, and give them to others to give them hope for where they are at.

Even when I lose (finances, relationships, etc…), there is nothing that gives me greater freedom and hope than being able to communicate with others. Even when my critics use violence (Emotional, verbal) , there is no greater joy I feel when I know that someone has left my presence a little better than when they came in.

I believe you have these things as well in your life. Things you want to dedicate yourself to, because, it frees you from your suffering, your mundane existence and gives your new hope, new life and restoration. As well, when you do this, you breathe out this new hope, new life and restoration around you.

Do what you were meant to do, even when you lose, you will gain so much more when you do. You may lose the external life, but, you will find freedom within.


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