Revolutionary Social Experiment

I think if you knew what went on in my head several things would happen:

1. You’d be disgusted by the constant filth that entered it.

2. You’d be encouraged in the moments I hope in humanity.

3. You would either feel like the most/least important person on the earth.


I’ve been thinking a lot lately about a social experiment lately, and, maybe, this is something I’ll do someday with those around me, but, what if I had to say out loud ever thought that came into my head? What would happen? Here are a few thoughts:

1. I’d learn to take every thought captive.

2. I’d learn the consequences/rewards of the way I think.

3. I’d be able to reconcile the differences I hold between myself and others.

If you had to speak every thought that came into your head, how would you measure success?

For me, it’d look like this.

1. If I made it out alive, from not being killed by others or violently assaulted by many, I’d consider this a success.

2. If I were forced to work out my thoughts with those I think about and those I do life with.

3. If my thoughts were a little bit better the day after than the day before.


How would you measure success if you did this? And, how what happen to you and around you if you did?


4 thoughts on “Revolutionary Social Experiment

  1. Chris says:

    For Marie and I that is how our relationship was developed. While we dont have the same restrictions some relationships have such as… I told her one of her scarfs sucked. There are lots of ill effects as well from this way of life.

    Privacy is a powerful barrier that should be used IMHO. If you remove the fear and restraint that privacy has it could strengthen evil feelings. If a masochistic person was to blab all the time about how they want to cut themselves they would than lose the feeling of control they had in keeping it private and people would have to endure their constant blabbing. People would be able to help them more readily but after sometime, if the masochist if they continued as such, they would become 10x worse 10x faster and fall away from the world as their hearts harden to darkness.

    In a website there are a million components that are exercised internally. However only the desired exercises are outputted to the end user. The result is something desirable.

    I am not slamming your idea; I myself have given it alot of thought to strangely enough. I am open to any new thoughts the subject has to offer.

    Lastly. Did I not offer you a blog on my server?! With me as your host you wont be as limited in the way of media and plug ins and crap. Even if you dont want me to host your wp site I also have decent knowledge if you want a quick start.

    • mfries05 says:

      Hey Chris,
      I think, at least for myself, I shouldn’t be thinking anything I wouldn’t say. You know?

      I think that people should be open to hearing that their “Art”, which, is to say anything one puts themselves into, or something that might describe themselves, should be open to criticism. Because, “Art” is nothing more than a reflection of the self. And, the greatest artists are the ones who are most aware of their inadequacies as an artist because they want to improve.

      So, for me, my life is truly a piece of “Art”. As Christians, are not clay being molded by the potter? As, humans don’t our words paint our images of others, ourselves, the world around us? So, when I think nasty things, I paint a portrait of an ugly world (which it can be), but, why not paint a masterpiece, and hope and pursue a world that could be, rather than what is?

      One of my favorite authors Henri Nouwen, talks about the use of words like a chamber full of steam. If we say everything that comes from our hearts, then our words have no meaning or heat to them. But, if we keep them inside, then our chamber becomes to hot, and, we end up getting burned. I think this supports your view on privacy.

      I’d be open to another blog, what I really want to do is have multiple blogs and forward them onto all of them, in the instance that some people are only on one blog site.

      Thanks Chris for your thoughts and insight!

  2. Chris says:

    A little off topic. My definition of art is a little different. I only mention because I am passionate about art. If you imply that fact we are created in God’s image our definitions are similar.

    In C.S. Lewis book Screw Tape Letters it mentions the demons difficulty to create a pleasure. Their difficulty is that all things which are good are from God. I don’t believe there is anything within our self that is worthy of art. Art I believe is replicating a pattern of Beauty which has been made abundant by the Pattern Maker. Because we are in God’s image the ability seems rather innate.

    While it is possible to bend these artistic components towards many ends for Good or evil. The components are alien to ourselves.

    I think you should edit your last post and fix some of the grammar and re-articulate, especially the first 2 or 3 paragraphs. No insult intended. Your thoughts are of value and have to be formatted to mean what you say.


    • mfries05 says:

      Hey Chris,
      If you incorporate the fact that we are made in God’s image, then doesn’t that mean that all humanity carries the necessary DNA to obtain something beautiful? And, at that point our true selves, which God is a part of is embraced and now begins to create. Those who reject God are now longer trying to create but to destroy.

      The true self, which is the self that is searching for the divine and trying to replicate this, does not seek destruction, but, rather beauty. The image of God, (which is the Greek word Eikon), is within itself a beautiful exploration of what it means to be fully human, and to replicate to the world what is divine. Words that use or are part of the face of Eikon, are flesh, heart, spirit, mind, etc…. (Both internal and external facets).

      Things that do not replicate the true self are because of a distorted or cracked Eikon. Many, spend their whole lives living out a cracked Eikon, and, are no longer creating but destroying. Art, for Jew or Gentile, Greek or Non-Greek, Christian or Non-Christian, I would say is the searching for this true image. It is the exploration of the soul to find what is truly beautiful (God), and, replicate this out loud. Truly beautiful music is in touch with this. Truly beautiful literature touches this.

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