My life is a mixtape and so is yours.

My life feels like a mixtape, and, I think so does yours.

A lot of days, I struggle to get out of bed, because, I know once I do, life is getting ready to fight me. A lot of days I don’t have the strength to continue fighting. A lot of days I don’t have the hope to overcome the cynicism from the negativity launched onto me. Knowing this about myself, I know the pain that I can cause around me, so I end up doing nothing. This part of my life feels like Johnny Cash’s Hurt.

On other days, I feel like I am going to change the world. I feel like I have had to overcome to much to stop. I have a mindset that says F*** the oppression. This mindset gives me strength to pick up myself and anyone around me who wants to be picked up. This feels like a Bury Your Dead song.

There are other times, where I just want to joke around with people. There are times where there is nothing I want more in life than a complete sarcastic conversation, where I can mock all of the things in my life I find to be ridiculous. This phase of my life feels like Blink 182’s What’s my Age Again?

There are other times where I feel the need to be completely serious, I need to let go of all the pain, cynicism, the ridiculousness, the negativity. This is usually associated with the first song, but, its the times where I can enter into the other songs. This is like Carolina Liar’s Coming To Terms for me.

There is nothing greater in life to me than Love. While, I am still waiting for the woman I love, I find myself in great romance with the world around me. I am falling in love with the beauty of this world for the first time in life. I am learning to fall in love with people, creation and the structures. This romance feels like Save The Last Dance For Me by Michael Buble.


If you had to make a mixtape or soundtrack to your life, what would be on yours?


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