I, remember a few years ago about how when I want to church, church would have been so much cooler if Church were more relevant to the world. Worship would have been cooler if it had sounded like Muse or something like that. Or, if the Church would have abandoned its liturgy. I see now how foolish I am.

The truth is that when the Church aims at being relevant, its taken upon itself a false image. Even the best musicians in the Church will rarely match the music of the world. And, even if the musicianship does, the production will never match. The lighting at a stadium will always out flash the churches. Pastors will never be funny as comedians, nor, as motivating as motivational speakers.

I believe the Church needs to cut the flash, and, head straight to the gutters, where Jesus was. Our, problems is not of flash, but, of substance. The Church needs to see Jesus when they go to Church. They need to see Christ in the common.

I know for myself, that any attempts at being relevant will surely fail. I am not cool by any means. I’m not funny, nor am I, motivating. I hope that anything that bypasses my mouth and actions will be of greater substance that can move people into a greater place of love and hope (though I know, they always don’t).


One thought on “Relevance

  1. Joe says:

    I felt the same growing up and agree totally. Keep up the good work

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