The parable of the absent God

One day God looked down upon his church and saw a group of people who claimed his name but showed no regards for his teachings. They were a selfish people and did not want to look like him or his son.


So one day God went to his judgment throne where the angels were calling people’s names and declaring people’s eternal decision, and, told them that he was leaving heaven to start over. He told the angels that those who chose to follow him on earth could spend eternity with him in his new location, and, those who claimed his name but chose not to follow his teachings, could spend their eternity in heaven.


God has been convicting me of this as of late. There is a belief out there, that our hope is in the after life. This belief completely denounces Jesus and his teachings for the earth.

Is the goal to get into heaven? Or is it to get heaven into us?

Is our goal to get into the presence of God? Or is it to get the presence of God into us?

This parable, shows a God who gave these Christians who had no interest of following Jesus, what they wanted. They want to be spared  from damnation. Their goals of faith were purely external. While those who spent eternity with God, found the extension of their peace, hope and love.


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