Church as Club

I heard an author/pastor recently say that there are two types of Christians. The first is a person who is dedicated to the Christian religion. They are dedicated to keeping the Christian beliefs or practices (I would argue, that they’re trying to fight for the practices that they once were cultured in, or, the one they are currently cultured into.) The other type of Christian, is the one that has been swallowed whole in the teachings and life of Jesus. They have fallen in love with who Jesus is, and, his placement in the world we live in. I would say that I am becoming the second one. Now, because I am a Christian, I am part of the Christian community and religion.

But, when we make Christianity about beliefs or practices, and, less about following a Jewish man/God, it almost becomes a holy club. How many people are kicked out of our religious institutions because of a disagreement?

It seems that denominations aren’t helping out either. Some Churches, are dogmatic enough that if you don’t see as they see, do as they do, act as they act, believe as they believe, then you are out this Church. To some extent, we sign our freedoms when we enter into a Church like this. We disengage with our mind and our heart and buy into the culture of this Church. We buy our membership with our tithing, we find conditional acceptance, and, we have a place of association.

I’m not interested in making a Holy Club. I am interested in reforming our current understanding of Church. I am interested in reforming our “Club” and making it a movement. I am interested in seeing the movement outside the box, seep its way into the box.


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