Stephen Pressfield, in his brilliant book, The War of Art, talks about the concept of attention. Attention is something we all need. Our needs of attention can be met either quiet easily or in quite difficulty.

For those who go through the route of difficulty, it comes through the painful craft of submission. You submit yourself to your art (anything that illustrates your self), and, strive to display that to the best of your ability. Unfortunately, this route often endures great pain, because, we often feel inadequate, repetitive, or, unable to express what we truly believe, feel. The results from which we convey, are often, never accepted and lead to a great pain. Little attention is flocked to these great people.

For others, attention can be grasped with cheap scams, or, effort  the serial murderer, gains the whole worlds eyes for a great amount of time. The celebrity gets caught in an affair, doing drugs or in the process of divorce and receives the worlds ears for an amount of time that they don’t deserve.

Truly great artists, and people, can spend their whole lives trying to spread their heart and work with the world and receive nothing. I believe, that this is precisely why we need community for these artists. Where we can affirm each other, wrestle with each other, and help each other, move to a greater place of vision and execution. An artist will never be able to explain an idea or belief as well it is painted in their heads.

For those of you who are trying to pursue something, accomplish something, or attempt something that is truly noteworthy, honorable or great, stay strong, find people who support you, and, help you move to the place where you want to be.


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