This week, I should have died. Coming home from Maple Grove on Wednesday, I was driving and my car hit two patches of black ice, the first one caused my rear wheel drive truck to swerve, the second, caused my truck to leave the road and launched me off to the highway next to it. Going about 30mph, two cars are coming straight at me, I slam on my brakes and miss them by a matter of feet. A few hundred feet away, two more cars are coming at me, in some out of this world experience, I threw my truck into first, missed the second two cars by a matter of feet, I end up in the ditch and hit a fence going 40mph.

No cuts, no bruises, no wounds, just shock.

Since then, I have been in deep contemplation on life, death and everything in between.

Two thoughts came to mind in these past few days:

The first comes from a deep reflection in dying that I received from a book by Henri Nouwen called Befriending Death. When I die, I participate in one of the only certainties of all humanity. In our lives, we are so separated, we are so distant, we are so disconnected. So, my ability to participate in death, allows me to draw closer to my neighbors because this is all something that we can grieve, celebrate, hope and reject in. While you and I, see things, act, live and believe differently, we are united in the fact that one day we will both die, and, for that, you and I can be one.

The second is that death for me has no longer become a disconnect from life, but, rather, a continuation, and, the fulfillment of what I have started. If our goals as followers of Christ is to bring his kingdom on earth, my death will bring me to him, and, someday, you and I will all be reunited again, either on the new earth, or in heaven.

Essentially, I live for the same reason I die, and, I die for the same reason I live. So, fear of death, is essentially the rejection of life.

Hope all of your Advent seasons are well, may we, be united in this season of peace.


2 thoughts on “Death

  1. Krista Chapman says:

    To live is Christ, and to die is gain…either way, we WIN!
    One year ago last fall, I was driving home at night, not in a hurry, going the speed limit, on a hilly and curvy road (Bavaria road, just entering Victoria). At the dip and curve in the road kind of right by the horse place, I felt a strange sensation that my car was de-celerating and slowing down, even though my foot was still on the gas pedal and I thought something was wrong with my car. When I got up the hill and started coming around the corner, there was a car coming straight at me in my lane. I had no where to go and was in shock, thinking “NO—this cannot be happening!” At the last second, I swerved into a driveway immediately at the right and landed in their front yard, shocked and amazed that I had certainly just been spared my life or a horrific car accident! I looked in my rear view mirror and watched that car sail down the hill, looking as if it was going to miss the curve and go in the ditch, but at the last second I saw the brake lights go on and the car corrected itself. So either this person had fell asleep at the wheel or they were extremely drunk…But if my car had not “de-celerated” I would have been history or injured very badly…The Angel of The Lord encamps round about those who fear Him, and He delivers them. The Lord is sovereign, and His eyes go to and fro throughout the whole earth, looking to be strong on behalf of those whose heart is turned toward Him. Your Purpose and Destiny in Him is of Great Value to His Kingdom, Mike! For He has set His angels charge over you, to guard you in all your ways! The Name of Jesus is forever on my lips, and He has spared me many times when I’ve called on His Mighty, Awesome and Powerful Name, the Name Above ALL Names! HIS NAME and His Word are sharper than a two edged sword! What a Mighty God we serve! Keep preachin it, Bro, for you are surely about your Father’s business!

    • mfries05 says:

      Thanks for your amazing story Krista! I am not one to say that God dictates our controls our lives, but, I also am willing to acknowledge that he probably had his hand in this situation. It doesn’t make sense to me without it.

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