Thoughts on leadership #2

I believe one of the greatest problems with American society (Churches, Businesses and life in general), is that we live in a state of communication contradiction.

What I mean by this is, is that when someone tells us something that we don’t like to hear, we get defensive, and say “HOW DARE S/HE!!”. In the same breath, many people live in a state that everything is relative. Therefore, everything we hear is essentially, foundational, truth, or, in some sense, revelation. If everything is relative, then why do we get defensive? And, if everything is truth/revelation, then nothing is, because, not everything will set us free.

This is why the great leader will serve as a catalyst for the masses. Jesus was perfect with this. While people asked him questions to answer, most of the time, he refused, and responded with another question.

The job of a great follower, as Theologian/Philosopher Peter Rollins would say, is to live in “Prejudice Love”. Maintaining the fact that we all have our own opinions, beliefs and structures, we still listen and treat the human being with great dignity.

Have a great day everyone!


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