Beyond Human Objectivty into Human Subjectivty

Have you ever done any self reflection?

This week, at its best, has been a crappy one. Besides being hounded by 3 planned surgeries for my family,vehicles breaking down, constant updates for a lot of people, school stress and sleeping less than normal (which is very little to begin with). It serves a reminder, of my own frail humanity.

So this morning, I woke up, and, I found myself enraged. Most people who know me, who truly know me, know that I suffer with possible moderate depression at times, great lengths of guilt and shame, but, even in the midst of all of this, I am still an upbeat person, or, as the ChanhassenVillager has come to describe me as, jovial.

Searching through my self all morning, I found what I believe was rage because of a wanting to control my current situation. I want to control my families health and financial woes of the week, I want to control my school situation and I want to sleep more.

While, this may seem a trivial blog about my day and week, the thought here by me, is not that I was just angry, but, I was angry with a purpose, or, maybe, better, a reason.

The more I look into my heart, my mind, my motives and whatever internal essence I have, I find that there is an eternal matter to explore. Shaped and developed by 22 years of life, love, hate and everything in between.

When I am able to keep this in mind, in the presence of others, I am able to remember that the human is not a shallow thing, but rather, something that is profoundly simple and complex all in one. While the matter of our being and our very essence is extremely complex, so lies a simplicity that is found in our stories and our experiences.

The human being is not something that be objected to a physical appearance, nor, a one time engagement, but, rather, a life time of exploration and experience.

In the Christian conquest, to not view women with lust. The first problem would seem to be a value that would be compromised with the culture in consumerism. We consume woman, we buy into their slutty molds and their trampy exteriors. Yet, even then, we do not engage with the idea that they are human subjects, not, human objects. When we begin to see them as people rich in internal value, we are able to move beyond external value. And, as we explore the human subjectivity, our lust for the female body, will no longer be a lust, but, rather, a longing for physical intimacy that we have been able to transcend with our exploration of them.

All in all, this is a long blog, and if you have reached this point, I congratulate you.


3 thoughts on “Beyond Human Objectivty into Human Subjectivty

  1. Diane Showers says:

    Always thought provoking Mike. I won’t comment too much on the comments regarding women…you’re statements are from societies view…and perhaps “reality” in todays age…definitely not Christ’s view. I think you need encouragement. There is so much going on right now personally…you’re rock is in the hospital…and you’re dad is struggling physically as well…you are still human. You have a great gift of communication, and of expressing yourself and feelings and life experience with many people….you have a calling on you’re life. Yet you are human. God has brought you “you’re life now…exactly where you are now” for you to go through. And it is through the depression, through the times of just not knowing…that He requires us to examine. Ourselves always…for we are not pharasees…we have the love of Christ in our hearts…we see a hurting world, and we feel and hurt..yet we hurt ourselves. God is there and see’s us in every moment…every dark moment…and Mike…you are shining light to those you share with! Trust me when I tell you…God’s guidance in you’re life is affecting many…you
    are walking in His Will…I love you all so very much…bless you Mike. and please hug your mom for me and tell her how very much I love her…love always, auntie Diane

    • mfries05 says:

      Thanks Aunt Diane,
      I try not to see Depression, Sadnenss, Brokenness as neither a good, or bad thing, but, rather as a neutral. For, I think we can agree on this, it is what we do out of those moments, and, learn from those moments that can teach us, and lead us, not only to new answers, but, possibly, more importantly, to new questions. I heard someone say recently “Statements may lead us to a new state, but, questions will lead us on a new quest”. I think, for many of us, who live in a daily grind, where, reality can be a bit much to handle, the only refreshing thing we can do is question, because, if we are stuck on a dead end quest, a new quest, can set us free.
      Thank you so much for your encouragement and love,
      I will send my mom your best!
      Love you much!

    • mfries05 says:

      Oh, and as far as from the woman standpoint. I think that lusting after women is incredibly harmful, not only to the person being looked at, like I said in the blog, at this point, they are no longer viewed as a person of substance, they have now been objectified to a piece of meat, if you will, but also to the person looking. The way human being should be seen as having eternal worth, and to degrade them to a piece of meat, is completely selfish and inconsiderate. I do however, and, I think we can agree on this, is that there is a point, when love has men and women, where human sexuality can become part of the human exploration. Kind of what the point of the blog was all about (I probably did not communicate this properly). This is probably the point, where its not self gratifying, but, selfless and affirming.

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