A paradox of sight

This has been a thought, that is far from complete, but, I thought I’d share it with you regardless. Feel free to critique it, embrace it, accept it or reject it.

Sight is like a paradox.

What I mean by this is this.

The only time we can see, are the times that we choose to be  blind. And, the times that we are actually blind, are the times that we claim to see the most. Its like the first time you fell in love. You can’t explain what happened, you’re actually blinded by it, but, you’ve also never seen so clearly.

I’ll flesh it out deeper.

The human heart and soul is dwelling with darkness and hatred. While, this rejects our original spiritual DNA, it also explains our embracing of another way.

So the only person who can see the light, is the person who has chosen to see his darkness. Meaning, the person who has explored their heart, understands, that there are things there that shouldn’t be there. And, the person who doesn’t live in their darkness is the person who subtly gets immersed in it.

If you have ever met that angry old person, maybe they’re a racist or something. And, the older they get the more immersed in their racism they’re. They refuse to see things in a new light, they only see things in their own light. And, this is why when they choose to “see” things, they’re actually blinding themselves in it.

So, it is by choosing our blindness, we have chosen sight.


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