Christianity Redefined

Yesterday, I had a conversation with a friend and we were talking about how much we dislike going to church. I confessed my disbelief in the modern church structure (maybe Evangecalism church structure). To me, this structure looks far to like the world around me, where I consume what the pastor says, I sing some religious songs, and, hear some passage interpreted a way I have heard since I was a little kid. Quite possibly, my cynicism may have bled through and I have jaded my own experience.

I felt like in that moment that my church were doing what church was intended to be. A place where we can bring our stuff to the table, and, allow God to speak to us, or, maybe just to me. My church experiences in the past have lead me to believe that while I was there, I declare the beautiful name of God, and, walked away the same. But, should that be the way of church. Shouldn’t church be the place not where we proclaim the name of God (Don’t get the guillotine prepared, I do believe in corporate and singular worship), but, hopefully, the place where God declares himself to us?

I know for a fact that I am a terrible Christian, I don’t want to play the religious game and pretend my hands aren’t dirty…. my hands are filthy. It is because my hands are filthy that I desire to be redeemed (even though I already am).

I know that this might be blasphemous to Christianity (pardon me all 23 of you who read this). I am not interested in playing the same games, playing the old cards, and try to spice something up a failing recipe. And, I am not interested in Postmodern Church (although, it has infiltrated me through and through, and, love a lot of it), because even that’s not perfect.

All of this to say,

What does Christianity redefined look like?

Because, if its not, I won’t last very long.


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