Overcoming resistance #2

In the past week I have heard several of my friends who know me really well say the same thing, so I thought it was worth reflecting on. They said “You sure aren’t the same person we used to know”. The context was completely positive.

Both of these guys saw the violent, angry, rebellious Mike, who didn’t care about the path I treaded, and, the people in my path that I hurt along the way.

This has served very helpful in the past week, when I begin to drown in insecurity or suffering, their words serve as a reminder of the fact, that although I am not where I want to be, or, who I want to be, look how far I have come. Now this isn’t a reflection saying look at me, I’m better than you, but really, I am better than I was. I am finding out who I was all along.

I’m sure all of this can be said of you too,

And, we can all remember how we need to become ourselves a bit more each day.


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