Recently, I was talking to someone very close to me, and, they were suffering from an inhuman act that was done to them earlier in their life. We were discussing what it truly meant to grieve and suffer and finally move on in our lives. As much as I can love a person on this earth, if there was a person that I loved, this person was it.

Last night, I was listening to Eminem, and, he wrote this wonderful song called Beautiful, in which he discusses the fact that we can’t know what its like to know someone until we walk in their shoes.

This morning, I was reflecting upon a quote that has stuck with me in a profound sense since this summer “You can either be an arrogant victim, or, you can be a wounded healer”.

To this person close to me, what does it look like for people like you and me, and those who have been hurt, to step into the shoes of those who have victimized people like us? Is it time that we move on from our arrogance and become healers? Maybe, by only living in our own shoes, and, seeing things only from our perspective, we will be unable to see that the greatest victims are not the people who are hurt, but, those who continue to hurt others. Maybe, its this way because, hurting people, hurt people, and, in a profound beauty, those who stop hurting people, have moved on, in love, to become healers to those who are broken, rather, than continuing in the vicious cycle of abuse.

I hope this applies to your life,

It means a lot to me,

Thanks everyone!


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