I am an awkward person, at least, that’s how I perceive myself. Some people tell me that they find this remarkably false, and, others are remarkably affirming in this. I participate in this amazing program on Wednesday nights at the Church I am interning at, and, I feel so incredibly comfortable around the staff there, and, the few people I know, but, when the other mentors come around, I freeze up, and, I feel like I get insanely insecure, or, possibly, insanely shy.

When I speak in front of people, and, people introduce me, or I am given the chance to introduce myself, this insecurity, or, shyness goes away, because, I have been allowed to begin to articulate a conversation, and, in hope you will reciprocate in the same way. But, until we have been introduced or I have been given permission to introduce myself, I feel scared and shy.

All of this to get at a question I have been wrestling with: Can we love someone if we don’t love their personality?

If personality is a craft of the wonderful creator, then shouldn’t we be in love with that person’s personality? Obviously, we lived in a screwed up world, and, we all have personality flaws, but, at the core, how do we love people if we don’t know or don’t like their personality?

I am trying to empower myself enough to actually engage with people. I am trying to actually grow a pair. I am trying to work through my own insecurities and my own self hatred enough to realize that I am worth getting knowing and that what I have to say could actually be important, or, at the minimum, a spark to a greater dialogue.

I am at the point where I like most of myself, and, I can find something to like in someone else…. once I get to know them.

Finally, to drive it out of the park, how do we love people who you don’t like?


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