I just got back from lunch with a friend and on the way back I almost broke down. I’ve been reflecting on the past year of my life, more so, the past six months, and, some of the people in it. Reflecting on God in it. People that I get to see every week, people that are helping me be shaped into a person, that I want to be, a person, I knew I was all along.

These people are so wonderful, that I can’t dare say a word about them. Because, my inner being is so grateful, and, blessed because of them, that to say a word about them, about God, would be doing them a great disservice. To say anything, would be to be speaking a fraction of their beauty. To get me to breakdown, is downright hard, so this is a true testimony of their immaculate being.

If I share my life with you on a weekly basis, this is probably true about you, and know, that I am thankful for you.


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