Social Salvation

Stephen Pressfield, in his breathtaking book, The Art of War, writes about the job of a professional is to show up everyday. While, I do not play for keeps in writing, I do hope by showing up every day, that I do improved as a writer, this is the thing that consumes my mind for a nice chunk of the day.

So here is my heart today. The Greek word for Salvation is the word Soteria. Soteria, when translated back into English means Liberation. When we find liberation, we find salvation.

The Christian movement should exist in a way that our live is an engagement against the spiritual realms, and, warfare, is used as a form of Soteria.

Human engagement often scares me with people I don’t know. I find it extremely awkward being in places I don’t know, but, even in my failure to do so, I can participate in their Soteria, with the looks I give them, the way that I touch them, and the way I respond to them.

I find that quite times don’t work for me, unless its in silent prayer, so the majority of my prayer life exists in the car praying for the passing cars, in the mall, for the people walking around, and, the people buying coffee in the coffee shop. Even though I don’t talk or engage with them, I hope I can fight for them in another realm.

When I am with people, I try not to be cynical and hopeless (even though I feel I lose at this constantly). I hope to be the person who liberates people with encouragement, a light hearted attitude, and, the great peace that seems to reside in me,

We are all instruments of each others salvation. As the great theologian N.T Wright once said that we are 80% right in our doctrine, and, 20% wrong, but, what 20% that is, we will never know. If this is true, and, if their is one theologian I am willing to bank on, Wright is that theologian, then we ought to be listening, communicating, and participating in each others salvation. While this relates to doctrine, I believe, it is overwhelmingly true in our salvation, because, salvation is liberation. And, the last time I checked, when I have been liberated from anything (addiction, anger, guilt, shame, etc…), I feel it.

How can we participate in each others salvation?


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