Valentines Blog

I’ve heard this week from some males and females, that Valentines Day is simply just a consumer holiday, in which we are suckered into the American ideal of buying flowers, chocolate and jewelry. While other giddy lovers, are participating in this “consumerism”, and, celebrate their love or “love” for each other.

I feel like that Valentines Day should be treated like Christmas, where the “objects’, i.e, the chocolate, flowers, and jewelry are merely gifts for our subjected love for that person. Buying these things, are not altogether wrong. However, it is important to remember that in the giving these things to people, done with an obligatory heart does not reveal a yearning for that person, or, an expression of deep love, but, rather one of desperation and our own searching for a love that will never satisfy us.

It is my hope, that as those who celebrate Valentines Day, use this as a day to remember the person that they’re with and use it as a reminder of the soul explorations they have embarked upon.

Celebrate your love, and, if you’re single, celebrate the love you can bestow upon yourself.


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