Refuse Power

I woke up, tired, exhausted and agitated, as I sat in my bed for an hour trying to flesh this all out, there is little peace and even less rest.

So often, we want to control our destiny, and, that often means controlling others around us. When the pawns don’t move to the correct spot on our board, we begin to be frustrated, discontent and possibly, angry.

Could it be, that in our search for the life we’ve always wanted, we end up ruining the things we want because we treat our lives like this game of chess, and, when the chess pieces decide not to move, we end up losing interest in the game all together. Moving on, and, forgetting why we loved the game the whole time.

Maybe, instead of trying to force the pieces to move, or in this case, people and scenarios in our life, by submitting ourselves to the game, and, being in rhythm with the pieces, we actually find a new desire. A desire that does not want to play the game, but, to actually be the game. By submitting ourselves to these scenarios and people, we may not be able to control them and always have our desired outcomes, but, what we do get is a rhythm and dance, and, actually, community.

By surrendering power, we find a different type of power. A power that does not surge out of us, but, manifests within us. And, when it does come out its not overwhelming, nor arrogant, but humble and graceful.

To say the least, I’ve lived with shame for a very long time, with not having my own desired outcomes. However, not until the past few months, when I’ve surrendered my outcomes to my current state, have, I found peace and meaning in this. These outcomes, rarely cause me anxiety anymore, and, now, they even serve as a helpful guide to serve my current situation.

By eliminating power over people, we engage in a radical revolution, where love wins and peace conquers, and, while the outcomes we desire may not arise, the loving outcomes outweighs my own selfish victorious one.


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