Something’s wrong here.

Overwhelmingly, I am finding myself turning away from Christianity to find Christ. Overwhelmingly, I am finding so many people who are doing the same thing. What is going on in the Church that we have become so distant from the world, that our content is found in things that are so unorthodox in appearance.

My friend recently spoke about how Christian media has failed us all. You turn on the news and all we see is Joel Osteen, Kirk Cameron, Pat Robertson and Rick Warren. These people are not the people I want representing me. My friend talks about how Christianity has failed to produce, Drugs, Sex and Rock N’ Roll in its media. CCM is predictable and doesn’t explain how we truly feel. Movies like Fireproof and Facing the Giants, in spite of their piss poor delivery, fail to accommodate the real person in their real situation. We’re not all capable of believing that easily. Life doesn’t always have a good outcome. Marriages end and people are incapable of having babies. This is what happens when we live in a world where Satan is the ruler.

Me personally, I can’t stand worship music most of the time. God knows how I feel about him, I silently remind him of this every day. Its the reason why I continue believing, its the only way I can continue believing. If Christ weren’t so radically beautiful, and, his kingdom weren’t so radically liberating for those who have found heaven within, I would be an atheist. Back to my point however, I find more comfort in listening to music by artists like Death Cab for Cutie, Kings of Leon, Michael Buble, Eminem and Dredg.

Our failure is not within performance. Our worship sessions will never be as cool as your favorite artist. It will never sound as good as your favorite music venue. The content will rarely speak to that which is absolutely compelling to our hearts.

Our failure is not delivering the radical liberating news of Jesus Christ and his kingdom. When our goal as a church is to saturate it with a church that looks like our culture, the good news is not delivered. The good news does not set the captives free. The good news looks like the culture, the same culture that is killing our spirits and our hearts, with its greed, politics and drive through mentality. Peace, love, and hope will never be found here.

The good news exists in the Church. I’ve seen it. However, I find more good news in the search elsewhere than in the Church. Lets take back the good news and forget our watered down attempt at appeal.


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