Thoughts throughout the morning

Do you know me?

If you do, you know how much I think and how much I process. So, I spent the morning at the coffee shop in Barnes and Noble, reading and observing,  here are some of the thoughts I reflected upon.

(Man talking loudly and angrily about his daughters failures in High school Basketball). Why do parents live through their children? Children are not possessions of their parents but guests under tutelage.

Why did that man at Barnes and Noble last week attack me for reading Brian McLaren? I wonder if he wondered if that would hurt me.

Why don’t I love fundamentalists more?

Why can’t I respect the fundamentalists path if it brings them life and closer to Jesus?

Why is Joseph (Jesus’ Dad) mentioned more in the Gospels? I wonder if he was a deadbeat or as some scholars think if he died when Jesus was a child. As much as Mary is mentioned, you’d think that Joseph would be too.

Am I being good news to the hurting?

Why do I read so much?

Why don’t I read more?

God bring to me someone my own age that has endured the same hostility from the church for challenging its structures and iron fist beliefs. That would be really healing.

Why don’t we see God as a girl?

The church might be a lot more compassionate, loving, and forgiving if we viewed God as a girl.

Girls should have a lot more authority in the Church. God always works fantastically through the marginalized. Women have so much to teach us.

Why don’t I love fundamentalists more?

I can’t wait for the bruises on my stomach to go away so I can play basketball.

The Timberwolves such so much, but, I sure do love watching them.

Jonny Flynn & Kevin Love are great.

Why do Christians trust in politics so much? Even in the most redeemed Government, we still rule through Guns and Laws. None of this washes feet and contradicts Jesus not sending angels with him to the cross.

I’m going to be crucified by the Church if I ever become a leader.


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