So, I’m working out at the gym on Sunday night. My eyes are glued between the jumbo televisions. On one TV, the Orlando Magic are playing the Miami Heat (If you’ve talked about Basketball extensively with me you know my favorite player is Dwight Howard), and, on the other, is the Simpsons. I think the Simpsons is becoming like Saturday Night Live, where it is generational driven. What Andy Samberg is to my sisters generation, so Will Ferrell is to me. I like to watch the Simpsons sometimes just to enjoy things outside of my own traditional upbringing. While the Basketball game kept most of my attention, me being a guy saw Marge trying to seduce Homer, and, I was hooked. No more Dwight Howard, no more Dwayne Wade, just watching as Marge imagined the ship setting sail called the U.S.S Libido.

Through out the whole episode Marge was trying to seduce Homer, but, Homer wasn’t having it. If you know what I mean. And, me being the existential thinker that I am, began, processing it.

Talked to me two years ago and here was my though process:

Man, I’d like to Blankity Blank her. What a nice (fill in your favorite attraction points on the human body).

While I must admit, these thoughts still enter my mind, probably far too much for my own good, new perspectives have entered my mind.

In regards to a Christian context, how many people get married simply out of sexual frustration? If you’re getting married to have sex, you will not encounter the true intimacy that sex seeks to explore. Simply, you’re chasing an orgasm. Not even her’s or his, your own.

Sex should be the physical manifestation of the internal intimacy. You’re simply aroused by the other persons being, that the only way to express it, is through a physical encounter.

If we are called to submit ourselves to our other partner, then the job is not to look after our own physical satisfaction, but, rather to seek out the physical satisfaction of the other person. As an old man in my life, whom I dearly adore, once told me, in far more graphic terms “A loving husband will go down on his wife”.

While I am not married, and, my sexual experience is nil and sensual experience is quite a big higher, there is a season for everything. Sex does not simply happen in a romantic settings only. It happens in fights, in suppressed needs, on rainy days and lonely nights. Sex is good (at least I can imagine), in fact, it’s probably great, but only insofar as our ability to seek out the internal beauty of the other partner. Without this, it is simply a one way road to meville and last time I heard, it takes two to tango.


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