Say Yes to the Dress

Around four to five pm most days, my sister usually takes a nap after school. Being that she has wonderful taste, she likes to fall sleep watching TLC. Four comes around and I get the wonderful pleasure of hearing Clinton and Stacy of What Not To Wear while I meander on the internet, or, finish up tasks for school, work, or whatever. Five comes around and the show Say Yes To The Dress comes on.

Say Yes to the Dress is a fascinating journey for me. While female fashion through wedding dresses hardly appeals to me, what is fascinating is the journey to the dress. Woman have a budget, so they give the people at the store a budget and ideas to what they want. So the women try on dress after dress in front of grandparents, parents, siblings and in some cases, for the non-suspicious, their fiancée.

There seems to be something universally true about the show. When a woman comes across “her dress”, nothing else will suffice. No other dress will satisfy her. She cannot envision herself in anything else and if she has anything else, it could be possibly deemed a failure. The arrival of the dress created an existence within her that could not be satisfied by any other dress.

Could this not also be true of God? The religious try to replicate and identify with a God they have not encountered. Essentially, they are wearing the wrong dress. The follower who has encountered God, is like the woman who has encountered her dress. Experiencing anything outside of him, will never satisfy the quenches of our souls. Any other experience, like the woman who has to wear another dress, would seem to be a failure, for our souls are searching for that same experience.

Talking with some women over years, many keep their wedding dress. Whenever they see the dress, they re-live their day. They try to put on the dress to recapture the beauty of the moment, recapture that experience. Likewise, the person who has truly encountered Jesus, will seek to relive these experiences, in new ways or remembering times in which he has been near.

So the real question is: Have we found our dress?


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