The educated vs The educators

This morning I was thinking about a notion of education. In my growing frustration with education as I know it. In the context of school, the pastor vs congregant relationship, the mentor & mentee relationship.

It seems to me that in the notion of education that the difference between the educated and educators is liberation.

How many pastors use 12,000 verses to support their point? If they were liberated, they may use a passage but they would also provide some wisdom through real life context. They have been freed from being strictly bound by the Bible. Because, the true Christian leader knows that God is everywhere, we live in a God saturated world.

The leader will also not always guide their people with a way, they will push back and force people to lead themselves. They will provoke their people into thoughts that will liberate themselves.

The educated critique, the educators create. All educated know is how to critique things. They see the systematic structure, they see the grammatical functions. However, the educators, being in liberation, create out of their freedom. They give back to the masses, where, the educated take away from the educators.

Educators, being in freedom, are moving to a place where they are not bounded by the laws of the structures where they’re governed. The educators live freely in the content in which he lives. He does not feel insecure about the things he creates. He knows the liberation of what he teaches. The educated may try to teach, however, there is a destruction that follows them. They have no liberation, and, live and teach out of a place of hostility because they’re trying to protect the “right answer”.

We ought to become a people where liberation is promoted. And, our leaders push us into our own liberation. And, when we become angry and hostile, it is precisely a great place to begin the journey of our heart. In this, we find our redemption from violence and become a people of peace and liberation. Liberated people, liberate others.


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