23 wishes until 24

1. I’m significantly happier at 23 then I was 22. This has been in because of my own self search and finding the beauty inside of me. I’d like to keep this going.

2. I wish to become a more loving person by the time I’m 24. I hope it flows out of my insides, not something that is forced.

3. I hope the Timberwolves sign Rudy Gay.

4. I hope to complete the book that is violently stirring inside of me.

5. I would like to read 40 books.

6. I would like to be able to grow a beard.

7. I would like to enter into a gluten-free or vegetarian diet.

8. I want to travel the U.S somehow. I want to experience the place we live and see the world through the eyes of those in different demographics.

9. I’d like to be almost done with my degree.

10. I’d like to take dance lessons.

11. I’d like to be a better friend, son, brother.

12. I’d like to be less angsty and anxious.

13. I’d like to forgive people better.

14. I’d like to start running more.

15. I’d like to be a successful writer, through a blog or magazine of some sort.

16. I’d like to make room for love in my life. However that looks.

17. I’d like to see Launch make the strides that Corey wants them too.

18. I’d like to see KFC shut down.

19. I’d like to see Nickelback break up.

20. I’d like to see Brad Childress fired.

21. I’d like to start golfing again.

22. I’d like to hope more than expect.

23. I’d like to become me.


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