Living in silence

My favorite time of the day exists between 5:15-5:45 Am, Tuesday through Friday. People who know me or my sleeping patterns, will realize I am both a morning and evening person. What happens is around one in the afternoon until about five, I shut down and live on Diet Coke (Are any of you like this?). Come back around five, I’m alive and re-awaken.

Between 5:15 and 5:45, I sit in my little room at work on a sofa chair, and, I rest. I sit in silence, I surrender what life has handled me during that time, I give over all of the ideologies I am wrestling with and I rest. It is here where I can bring forth what is burdening me, and, recharge. In this half an hour, I allow God to fill in the dead places of my existence (Burdens, Ideologies) and simply be.

Lately, I’ve been consumed in grief, so, it has been my means of survival. To allow God to speak silence into my noise. People tell me all the time that I seem extremely calm and even keel. If that is true, I accredit this time for that existence, because, I feel like a lot of times I can carry around a bit of chaos. I think this time, is what God means when he tells us to be still and know he is God.

Also, if you know me, my mind runs at thousands of cycles a minute. For most people, this seems like to much to bare because it would seem exhausting. I find, that I am able to create out of this, and am able to find freedom because of this. However, none of this would be worthwhile if I didn’t have silence. I/We, have been conditioned by society to reject the quiet, not speaking, and live in the fast pace, do everything mentality. If we live in this society, we cannot live properly with a time of silence (perhaps why depression and anxiety is constantly growing?).

Rob Bell recently said this “Who wants to believe in your Gospel if it leaves you empty and exhausted?”


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