Glenn Beck, Jim Wallis, John Piper, Emergent & Truth

There has been a lot of heat around my small theological/philosophical world as of late. Political Analyst Glenn Beck, has declared a truth and ecclesiology war against another analyst, Jim Wallis. John Piper, made some rather sharp comments towards Emergent. All of this, has got me thinking about the person I want to be, and, whatever leader I want to be (although, who would thrust leadership upon me?).

Truth, is a funny thing. In my opinion, Jesus is truth. Therefore, this must mean a few things. Truth is a transcendent thing. It is greater than an either/or response. Jesus, exists beyond our walls of conception. Truth, is relational. It will always bring together fellow lovers of truth. Jesus did not come to tear us apart, but, to bring us together. Now, things happen, in which we must place barriers and boundaries in order to maintain these relationships, but, we place these in place to protect the sanctity of the relationship. Lastly (although there is so much more truth is), truth will produce humility. Lovers of truth, understand that Jesus is infinite, and, we are finite, therefore, our understanding of him will always be flawed. Lovers of truth, will always seek to draw people near to them, and, it will seek to live above common thought or approach. Lovers of truth will see their own positions as flawed, potentially wrong or incomplete because so is our understanding of Jesus.

If we as Christians truly claim Jesus as truth, then truth will produce love. Love for our neighbors, lovers for him, and lovers of ourselves. We must not be divisive, we must always be seeking, asking and knocking, for as our understanding of truth, and, its conception grows, so will our love for each other. For, the arrogant may have great knowledge, but, they do not possess truth.

Without love this is all meaningless. We must learn to stop fighting against each other. You are not my enemy. I am not yours. John Piper is not our enemy. Emergent is not our enemy. Glenn Beck is not our enemy. Jim Wallis is not our enemy. The war between all of them is the enemy.


3 thoughts on “Glenn Beck, Jim Wallis, John Piper, Emergent & Truth

  1. MRWBBIII says:


  2. Travis Berry says:

    Good thoughts Mike. There is always something I could point out but for the most part I agree with what you said. As far as that video goes…I am not sure what that person was trying to do. Splicing together a bunch of random clips doesn’t do anything. I am not even sure what he/she was trying to communicate. Anyway, keep up the good thinking Mike and stay classy

  3. […] comments towards Emergent. All of this, has got me thinking about the person I want to be, …This Blog Cancel […]

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