The Mannequin life we crave

I love to go shopping. Pathetically, for  a man, I really love to go shopping. One of the most frustrating thing about going shopping is fitting into clothes. At some stores, you may be one size, at another, you may be another. And, no matter what size you are, you will always look worse in the clothes than the mannequin that they used to display the clothes.

In a fantastic movie, Lars and the Real Girl, the main character played by Ryan Gosling. In the movie, Lars finds and orders a mannequin off the internet. The movie takes you through the process in which Lars falls in love this mannequin and strikes up a relationship with this mannequin/Sex Doll and falls in love with the mannequin/Sex Doll.

We want to look like the mannequin, don’t we?

We would like to be told that we’re beautiful enough to be associated with the beautiful people. You want the perfect curves of the mannequin don’t you girls? You’d like the perfect muscle tone and abs of the mannequin wouldn’t you guys?

Guys, you’d like to find that perfect 10 wouldn’t you? The woman who wants to watch sports with you, who will get you a beer when you are thirsty, the woman who wants sex as much as you.

Girls, you’d like to find the intelligent,sensitive, funny, sexy guy wouldn’t you? The guy who will be vulnerable with you, cook you dinner, and open the door to your vehicle when you go out and go to the opera or play with you.

We all want mannequins don’t we? We want relationships that work for us, on our terms. The problem with the mannequin life, is that the mannequin life doesn’t exist. Guys, will never find the woman who will watch sports, get you beer and have as much sex as you like (And, if you do, find out how truly happy she is). Girls, you will never find the man who thinks like Oprah, makes you laugh like Jimmy Fallon, and looks like Brad Pitt (And, if you do, find out how truly happy he is).

The mannequin life doesn’t work, because, we will always live in the idealized perfect image of the way things should be, not, the way they actually are.

How often when we think of God do we do the same thing? Are we seeking to be renewed in the image of God? Or do we seek to conform the image of God to what’s best for us?

Is God a mannequin to us?

The truth is this: Mannequins are the perfect image for us, but, they are still hollow and plastic.

And, when we don’t get our way, and, people fight back, we can stay in the fight and find true intimacy. Or, we can give up, and, look again for the mannequin. Human beings will let you down, because, they are not the mannequin, but, the person who is willing to work through those things will gain scars and wound, but, they will not be hollow and that is when we will begin to experience true intimacy.

Life will never meet the image in our heads, but, when we abandon our image of perfect, it will be better, because, life is accompanied by grief, and, grief is a result of a loss of something you love. And, love is the best we can ever hope for in this life.


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