One of my favorite Adam Sandler movies, questionably, is the movie Click. Click is about a guy who is sick of his life, as his ambitious career is taking over his life, and, the lives of his family. Until one day he runs into a crazy old man played Christopher Walken, who is selling what appears to be a universal remote. However, what Sandler receives is a remote that actually controls the universe.

At first, Sandler loves it. He picks on the neighbor kid, he stops beautiful women as they’re running around his neighborhood, and, he punches his boss (David Hasselhoff) after his boss passes him for a promotion. But, over time, the zealous Sandler begins passing on the important things in his life, the time with his family. Sandler, realizes he has a problem when he is being intimate with his wife, played by Kate Beckinsale (lucky bastard), he intends to skip through the pre-action stage and jump right into the action. Well, low and behold, he “skips” through all action together.

But, we all do this don’t we?

We are all sprinting through life waiting for the next best thing or running from the past. For many of us, our childhood was about getting to 16 so we can get our drivers license and 18 so we can start smoking and go off to college, and somewhere in between there, for so many, losing their V card. And, now that all of that has passed us by, we are simply waiting for our next promotion, our house, our family, our first million, our retirement.

Yet, there are so many of us who hate our pasts. Life wasn’t fair and we are waiting to be re-payed what we are owed. Am I right? If Karma is true, then something is waiting around the corner for me, isn’t it? Or, we are so dead from our horror of pasts, that we would rather die and rot in our pre-existent graves we call life, and, we bring others into our burial plots don’t we?

Every day is not going to be grand. But, its up to us to make the best of what we have. The truth is, life doesn’t owe you anything. A person close to me tells me regularly “One day at a time”, and, for so many of us, isn’t this the best news we can possibly get? Because, tomorrow looks as dark as yesterday. And, today the storm is over our head.

So pack your umbrella, and, grab your rain boots, because, the storm left us a lot of water to tread in, and, we have to puddles to play in.

“Time is a funny thing. You spend the first part of your life wanting it to just speed up, and the rest of your life wishing it would slow down. Chrono is about taking a step back, and making the most of the time you can control; right now.


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