One of the most disturbing things in my life that I have ever seen is a dead body. They’re cold and they’re lifeless. For me, it is hard looking at their pale bodies. There is no more color.

When you are choosing something to eat, often, the worst things for you are very bland in color. Hence, why things like fruits and vegetables are often green, red, blue and orange.

When you are burning out and dying in life, life becomes a means of survival. The mundane tasks of yesterday become a lifeless path. The things we used to cherish no longer bring us joy.

What we really need is color. Its our sense of vibrancy. It’s the joy that bestows our being. It’s the hope that guides our path. Without any color we become a cold and lifeless being. We live in a settled and suppressed context. We leach onto the life of others, to bring us the life we crave.

We need the colors of the water, the trees, the city lights, to remind us of things that were once beautiful. Beauty is often not food in black and white, but, rather in the bleeding of colors upon the canvas. When we are stuck in an either/or mode, a black/white society, this leads us into a perpetual motion of death.

We need a better way, than our either or mode. We need a better way than hiding our secrets. We need a better way than our black and white mentality. We need another option, we need color. The life that sustains us, is found in color.


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