Freddy Krueger & Stephen Colbert

Recently, I went and saw Nightmare on Elm Street (Don’t waste your money), normally I hate horror films (unless its Saw 1-3. I like these for man’s attempt at human redemption and justice), but, for some odd reason, I allowed a friend to convince me into seeing it.

The premise of the movie was a group of children who were classmates during preschool and the schools gardener (Fred Krueger), lived in the basement and the kids were his lives. Until one day, the kids started coming home with scratches and other signs of abuse. Without evidence, the parents decided to take action into their own hands and corner Fred into an abandoned building and the burned down the building, killing Fred.

Now Fred is back with a vengeance, haunting the kids in their dreams and killing them. Without a sign of the truth, all of the kids in the preschool, start dying in their sleep with what looks like self-inflicted injuries. What Fred wants is to take the kids back to the basement where all the abuse happened, not to show them that he was innocent, no, he wanted them to go down there, so that they would remember the abuse and horror that happened to them.

It seems to me that we all have a Freddy in our lives. Maybe, it’s not trying to kill us in our sleep, but, it kills us in our lives. We suppress, we hid from it, and, it kills our souls every day, it manifests in bad habits and destroys our joy and peace. Maybe, someone died and we never fully grieved. Maybe, you were abused or someone just simply broke your heart. It could be someone has just mistreated you for a long time, and, it has destroyed your self-worth. If this is you, I know your pain. We all do. This is human.

One of the biggest problems in Christianity is our search for “truth”. Now, “truth” is important. But, where Christianity has taken it, is to a purely ideological and intelligent idol. This “truth” is no truth to us. We know God is love, but, happens when God’s love looks like our love. Maybe, your Dad wasn’t kind to you, but, repeatedly told he loved you. Or maybe, you had an abusive boyfriend or husband that told you that he loved you. What does this say about love? Does God’s love look like the abusive fathers or significant others? While the truth is that love is self-sacrificial, committed, friend like, and has the passion of erotic love, until this truth is experienced in its true beauty, it’s simply “truth”.

Now, the best adviser in this is not your pastor or priest, it’s not a professor or a theologian, nay, its Comedy Central political analyst Stephen Colbert. Colbert, in all his brilliance, wit and power (WOOOO COLBERT NATION!!!), has successfully coined the term Truthiness into Websters Dictionary.

Truthiness is defined as “truth that comes from the gut, not books”. Truthiness is that which we can feel, it is our instinct. Now, we could all get into all types of arguments about relativity, or plurality, and, for all of you who want to do that, you can argue about it while jumping off a cliff. Because the person that knows truthiness, does not need to argue about it. Rather, she has experienced it, it consumes her, it seduces her and she manifests it upon the world around her.

Stop listening to your pastors and priests and listen to Stephen Colbert for your spiritual Freddy Kruegers!!!


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