The perilous beauty of my generation

In the late 1970’s some folly filled geniuses decided to establish a movement of machines called the computer. 20 years later ensued a movement that was called the Information Age. What has happened out of this was several beautiful things, like Worldwide news at our fingerprints, beepers to check the Twins scores, and, countless episodes of Glee! on Hulu.

However, consequently, we could argue that the greatest demise of all this was instant pornography, human trafficking on Craigslist, and, my favorite, Online Dating. But, the fall of this, in my humble opinion, was the loss of conviction, the notion of truth and freedom for free thought.

What has happened to my generation out of all of this, is that we have been plagued by so much information, that we don’t know what to believe anymore. When religion is defined by Osteen on CNN and Dobson on Foxnews, I wouldn’t want to be a Christian either. When Atheists like Dawkins, Dennett and Hitchins, make great arguments, it’s no wonder, we don’t believe in Christianity. Older generations wonder why we are cynical, pissed off and can’t stand to look at the face of what we call the institution known as “The Church”.

The reasons for truth being relative are profoundly understandable to me. When we have been fed so much information, and, a lot of it being utter lies or completely skewed by biased individuals in order to captivate into a seductive thought or dialogue (job well done), we don’t know what to believe. The person who believes that truth is relative, has done themselves a great disservice and failed themselves in seeking personal responsibility, because, they have shut off their minds, and, have failed to be transformed by the information they do let in.

What this means, however, is a beautiful invitation. While my generation no longer knows what to believe, we know how we don’t want to believe it. We are angered by religious hypocrites, judgemental fools, and, politicians who lie to us every day, for their own personal gain.

This invitation looks like the following, while we take the time to gain the necessary wisdom to discern what to believe, we observe ourselves in how we live what we actually do believe. For Christians, this means we start living out what philosophers call Big T Truth, while we figure out little t truth, truth that is not ultimate.

Big T Truth, is the Truth that cannot be defined, it is the mystery. God, being the ultimate mystery is something that we cannot define, to call God love, cannot be understood by human beings. To define God’s love in human terms, would be to describe it as follows: Self-sacrificial, passionate, committed, familial. And, while those are all good things, we cannot begin to grasp those things on an eternal scale. So rather than arguing what it means to love, we ought to immerse ourselves in this love, to be known by this love and to let us be transformed by this divine beauty, rather, than arguing about the theological implications of blah, blah, blah.

The peril of our generation, is that we have been brainwashed by the instant gratification of instant information. We have lost our ability to naturally react, because, we have been programmed to react a certain way. We have lost our ability to think for ourselves, because, our brains have been crammed with so much, that we have lost the capacity to understand for ourselves, what we actually believe.

The beauty is something that should be received with ultimate joy. It is the joy that our lives can be transformed by Truth, while we figure out truth. We can actually be the type of people we want to be, while we figure out what that means.


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