What is beauty?

Beauty is nothing.

It’s all meaningless.

What is sex?

Sex is violent. Sex is about our own fantasies and erotic desires being eradicated in the mutilation of another human being.

What is justice?

Justice is vengeance. Justice means tackling others for democratic dictation. Justice is convenience for how we can gain from someones misfortune later.

What is power?

Power is abuse. Using our assets to manipulate those weaker than us. Hoarding our resources so that the fittest may survive.

Beauty is everything.

Everything is meaningful.

What is sex?

Sex is the glorious unification of two committed people, who in their own selflessness consider the other before themselves. They have risked and bared everything to each other, so they might be one.

What is justice?

Justice is making peace with a broken situation. Justice fights off evil systems that try to maintain their strength over the weak. Justice defends the least of these.

What is power?

Power is weakness. It’s the ability to wash someone’s feet. It’s the ability to love yourself enough to submit yourself to another human being. Power is the ability to die to yourself, and, for another.

The truth of who we are, is at both of these ends and somewhere in between. Beauty, is not someone we are, because, our broken and distorted self’s crave destruction. We crave power and justice and sex in all of the wrong ways. We do not see beauty, therefore, beauty does not exist. Rather, we only begin to see beauty, insofar as much as we have been transformed by beauty. The beautiful person, is the person who steps up to the altar every day and says to God “I am a broken mess, I’ve tried living without you. It’s utterly meaningless. And, I’m going to continue without you, most of the time. But, for right now, can you repair me?”. This is the point where the resurrected Christ appears, wounds present and says to you “All things have been restored”. The truth of we are is in dualism. It’s a both to the either or mentality. We are wretched sinners, we are destructive and careless. But, we are also glorious incarnates, beautiful and redeemed.

Beauty is nothing and Beauty is everything. We only begin to see it when we are transformed by it.


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