Why choosing women is like choosing tobacco

Many people know this about me, that one of my great joys in life is sitting down with friends (or occasionally by myself) is sitting down and enjoying tobacco of some sort. Recently, when I was enjoying some, I began thinking about how our relationships with women, as men, is similar to the process of choosing tobacco.

Cigarette smokers are in it for the quick smoke, the quick fix, the quick hit. While, I absolutely love the smell of cigarettes, the taste of cigarettes are absolutely disgusting. And, we as guys do this to woman, maybe intentionally or not so intentionally. We choose a woman with a lot of flash, like Megan Fox. We get our quick hit and we move on. The kind of girls that attract cigarette smokers are girls without substance, girls who have little soul, they are easy. Donald Miller once said in a book “If you flaunt your boobs at me, I don’t want to date you, I want to use you.”

If we look at television history, at least my television history, the classic cigarette smoker to me, is the young Shawn Hunter from Boy Meets World. Shawn goes from girl-to-girl, looking for his next make out, and, never looks back (except for the episode with Dana Pruitt). Shawn didn’t want to take the time to develop the meaningful in the relationship.

Another type of smoker is a pipe smoke. Pipe smokers are typically one of two types of people. The classic pipe smoker is the guy who likes to have a good time but respects women enough to keep a relationship for about 4-6 months before he moves on. The point of smoking a pipe is that it requires enough for to keep packing and lighting, and, then you get your hit, or, enough to hit the spot, and, then you stop. Another type of pipe smoker is the guy who has bad judgment on women. He dates all the wrong girls, does all the work in the relationship and gets burned when it doesn’t last. He picks girls that don’t respect him, or, girls that are expecting him to fix them.

In television this looks like Stephon Urkel, not Steve Urkel, Stephon. Stephon appears to be dedicated to Laura, however, it is the endurance and pursuit of Steve that allowed him to win Laura over in the end. It was his commitment and sacrifice that won her over.

Lastly, you have Cigar Smokers. Cigar smokers are a dime a dozen. What they are in for is the commitment. They are in for the 1-2 hour smoke. The cigar smoker is in it because it tastes good and because of the substance in duration. The point of a cigar is to enjoy the duration. When smoking a cigar, you’re participating in dialogue and community. However, the maintenance of  a cigar should not go unnoticed. You have to take the time to cut it properly, light it properly, make sure you don’t smoke it too fast or too slow, because, if you do, you burn through it too fast or slow and it loses it flavor. The cigar smoker is wise with choosing his women because he understands that she must be the type of smoke that is going to last and warm the longings of his soul.

Now, there are guys who pretend to be cigar smokers, they talk a big game. This is evident by the 18-year-old kids who enter the tobacco shop. They ask for the grape or cherry Swisher Sweet. These type of cigars burnout fast, taste like garbage, and, are cheap. Women stay away from these guys, they’re MANWHORES!!

Now, we could continue and make cases for Hookah smokers or E-Cigarette smokers, and that would include the fake relationship that ends in fake marriage where they neither care for the desires of the others being, but, simply stealing from them, while failing to recognize it.

The point is this, for men and women. Understand yourself, if you’re a cigarette smoker be with other cigarette smokers. If you’re a pipe smoker, be with other pipe smokers. If you’re looking to develop and become a soul mate then you need to be with cigar smokers. Don’t waste your time, energy and heart in anything that isn’t you or your desires.

Smoke in unity.


2 thoughts on “Why choosing women is like choosing tobacco

  1. whatsupdoc? says:

    awesome article…just chanced upon this blog…brilliant…loved the analogy!!! 😀

  2. Anthiathia says:

    awesome article…just chanced upon this blog…brilliant…loved the analogy!!!

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