Why choosing women is like choosing tobacco 2

Yesterdays blog, considering the views, seemed to be popular. Maybe for bad reasons? Or good reasons? Either way, because of this, when I was writing, I had so much more to say, so I condensed it, so I am writing more here.

My friend Jason Garver, pointed out on my Facebook book, that I am prone to cigars, and, that’s why I used it as the pinnacle for comparisons, so, I’ll use that as the main source of my analogy today.

I’ve got a friend who smokes cigarillo’s. Now, this friend doesn’t have the mind to smoke a good cigarillo like a Gurkah, or even on a cheaper scale something like Al Capone’s, he smokes Swisher Sweets, Black & Mild’s and Backwoods.

What the cigar smoker knows is that it takes a lot of cigarillo’s to satisfy the urge that one cigar takes. Drawing this back into comparison to women. The guy who smokes lots of cigarillo’s is the type of guy who needs to go through lots of women before he is satisfied. George Clooney anyone? Hugh Heffner? This is the guy who is dedicated to the short pursuit. Maybe, he is deeply afraid of commitment, or, maybe, women are just objects of his flesh and are worth nothing to him, so he consumes as many of them as he can.

I am very protective of women. So the cigarillo smoker makes me sick to my stomach. What this smoker indicates women is that they are not worth anything. All they are to him is a sexual pursuit. He’s the type of tool whose slogan in life is “Hit it and Quit it”. Or, he is afraid to give himself away, to love anymore. Maybe, he is afraid to surrender power. Maybe, his shame is so deep, that he doesn’t want to share his secrets with her. Yet, this still indicates she is not worth being committed to. Women, if you view yourself as unable to be committed to, or, as cheap, these men will always cease to exist. Unless, you want to be Samantha from Sex and the City, then you know the type of man you are after. But, if you don’t want to be her, know that you’re worth more than these manwhores.

Now, what every good cigar smoker I know, knows is that a major part of choosing a cigar, is knowing how the cigar is wrapped. Is it wrapped in man-made wrappers, or, was it naturally grown. What every cigar smoker values beyond that is how the cigar is packed. Because, if the packing is poor, the flow of the cigar, the rate at which it burns, and, therefore, how it tastes will be effected. A poorly packed cigar will taste terrible.

What this ought to indicate to us as is that while the outside appearance of a person is important, but, it’s not everything (remember Jack Black’s movie Shallow Hal? haha). If the cigar looks good to you (for me, a dark, sun grown, well aged cigar is wonderful), it doesn’t mean it will smoke well. Likewise, a woman who looks attractive on the outside, but, who is dead on the inside, will drain the life from you and will make you miserable. A woman who takes care of her soul and her ego, will be a way better significant other than the woman who works out six hours a day, goes to every spa at every moment she can and is consumed with whether or not her booty looks tight in those jeans.

The most important thing to a cigar is the environment in which it’s stored. My friend who lives near me, typically get our cigars from one of two places. One place, besides being severely overpriced has an absolutely terrible humidor, so the cigars are dried out and taste like garbage because of this. The other is a well-maintained, properly heated humidor, and, have thus reaped the type of environment that allows the cigar to maintain its flavor.

If the women you are eying, hangs out with fellow ho’s all day and wants to be like them. You should probably pass on her. If the woman you are choosing lives in a toxic family, and, doesn’t want to deal with the consequences that reaps on her, then she should probably be passed on, because, if she wants to be the mother of your children, she’s going to bring that toxicity into your future family. If she refuses to bring others around her that don’t reflect her beauty and glory, then she should probably be passed on.

Lastly, typically in cigars, you get what you pay for. If us as guys aren’t willing to deal with our crap, then we won’t get the type of woman who is worth being with. We are dysfunctional people, if we aren’t willing to train our thoughts and our minds, and patterns of living, we will bring someone with the same mindset. If you are not willing to bring your bank that you worked hard for, you are going to get a cheap cigar.

Smoke in unity.


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