The safety of violence

A long time ago, there was a guy named Cain. And, Cain worked the fields for his father. One day, God found favored in his little brother Abel, because Abel brought a better offering to God. Cain murdered his brother.

I once knew a guy who was abused. He grew profoundly angry. It brewed in him for years and he developed addictions of many kinds.

There is a Police department near where I live that targets friends of mine because they were/are drug addicts/dealers. They also targeted me for me being apart of an activity that they did not appreciate.

We love violence don’t we?

Women execute violence very well. They wear revealing halter tops and mini-skirts and what that does, is it manipulates the weak and moldable minds of men. They hold the power over us, because, their beauty and sexiness has power over us.

Abusers know this. Something is severely wrong with them, and, they don’t want to feel what they actually feel, so they push it away, by using it over others. They beat people, and, they molest people because they don’t want to deal with what’s wrong with them.

Governments do this. My friend and I were y until proven innocent. They have power over us, whether it be through their legislative or through their guns.

This power, is violence. But, we love it don’t we? Because we can get what we want, and, we can deny the feelings that we don’t want to feel.

Our violence keeps us safe. It keeps us safe from our black neighbors, because, we perceive them as criminals because they’re black. It keeps us safe from the homosexuals, because, they’re on a quest to convolute our sexuality. It keeps us safe because we can vote for politicians who see things our way, to keep “those people” from getting their way. Or maybe, our violence is to protect ourselves from being exposed to ourselves.

We love violence because violence keeps us in denial from how violent we are.


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