The Cruelty of God

Have you ever fallen in love and lost that person?

Have you ever love something or someone, maybe, a baby or a puppy, and, had them die?

It seems like that when we lose something we love, we lose the ability to love. We enter into depression, mourning the life we once had, the person we once were in relationship with. When we lose a beloved or a desire, we struggle to love, we struggle to desire.

Seeing the beautiful smile of a woman.

Having someone cook us a meal.

Hearing a masterpiece, unfold itself through out a song.

It’s all cruelty.

I think one of the cruelest things God ever did, was that he did not abide by a deistic code. God actually chose to be present, as a man, to die, and to resurrect. That when we pray, we feel and see him sometimes, and, other times, not so much.

What’s terrible about the smile, the meal, the song is that we actually stumble upon the supernatural. These things are not, as plain as they seem, temporary. No, they are eternal. This is beautiful, honest, good and true. So when we are walking through life, no comprehension of death, and, we stumble upon the eternal, God.

It now appears to me, that the temporary things we have lived our life pursuing, our addictions, our vanities, the things to fulfill our insecurities, our dogmas, our religions, seem to be pointless. Because, instead of being seduced by man, we now have been seduced by God. And, the seduction of man, will always kill our soul, but, is easily accessible and temporarily satisfying. But, the seduction of God, asks us to not only strive after something that we can understand or sometimes obtain, but, it also asks us to destroy the things that destroy ourselves.

Things like love, beauty, hope are insanely cruel. Because, they’re the beautiful distractions, that flee through our hands like quicksand. And, they satisfy us so much, that we realize how unsatisfied we are.

Things like love, beauty, and hope are worth dying for, because, they are the things that make us the most alive.


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