Living in the event of God

A long, long, long time ago, in a place far away from here, there was a group of people who thought one name was so sacred it could be whispered under their breath. They thought the name was so sacred, they couldn’t whisper it because the essence of the name was to profoundly wonderful and awe driven to be spoken of.

Today, this name is represented on bracelets proclaiming “WWJD?”, Bobbleheads, or, my favorite, and, we can thank Ashton Kutcher for this one, Jesus is my homeboy. I hear sermons, describing this omnipotent, omnipresent, all-powerful, all-knowing, essence.

My A.D.D mind took me to the Super Bowl, because, I was thinking about this while I was drafting my Fantasy Football team. When we think of the Super Bowl, we don’t think of the name. We think of the event. We think of the game. We think of the commercials. We think of how much fatter we get. The title we give something, means, nothing, it’s the essence that matters. We could call the Super Bowl, the Toilet Bowl (which it ends up being, because it’s the highest calorie consuming day in America), and, we wouldn’t care. As long as the event stays the same, the essence within the name, we would continue watching.

I also wonder if we spend too much time thinking about the name of God, and, not living in the event of God. It seems to me that we spend too much time trying to name God, that we actually lose the essence of God. I mean, are we really trying to nail down the image of God, or, are we trying to nail his image into us? The event of God, is that moment when we are in the presence of the unnameable, and, are captivated by a love that is beyond definition, a peace that is transcendent. It is the moment when the impossible becomes possible, we experience divinity.

The great Thirteenth Century Philospher/Theologian Meister Eckhart famously said “I pray that God rid me of God”. What he meant was that we stop trying to conceptualize that which is beyond concept.  It’s the moment, when we live inside the event of God, rather than the name of God.

A friend of mine recently said within a sermon, that we ought not to try to be like God, we should just be with him. If we stopped pouring our human discourse onto the name of God, and, started allowing God into our human discourse, maybe, we wouldn’t live in such discord. If God was named Bertha or Frank, anyone who has ever met God, wouldn’t care, because it is the transformative essence that seduces us into the divine.

We should probably start treating God, like the Super Bowl. Rather than focusing on the name, we should start watching the game, enjoy the commercials, and, get a heck of a lot fatter. We should start enjoying the presence of God, and, be transformed by the essence, not the name.


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