The emotion of love doesn’t belong to the beholder of the emotion, but, to the person who the beholder loves. When love enters someones heart, it is impossible for them to not share it, through word or deed. When one loves, truly loves, it overflows of their existences, it sets them free, because, love is the truest thing we can ever choose or experience. Think of the people who have transformed you the most, in the best way, it’s not because of what they are, or what they own, no, it’s because of who they are, and, what they possess.

Love endures all things. When you are going through hard times, a person who loves doesn’t bail. They stay. They hold you, when you are traumatized. They say nothing when nothing needs to be said. They whisper to you when you need to be comforted. They scream at you when you are drifting away. When you get cynical, jaded, filled with hate, filled with contempt, they let you be you, and, get it out. They love you for who you are, not, because of how you are acting. This is why love is also patient, because, love knows the possessor of their love, and, knows their beauty is worth waiting for. It fights for the truth of who you are.

Love will give up all things  for the other. Love will kill the dying parts of the beholder, to benefit the receiver. Because the lover, cares so much about the receiver, and, thinks so much of the receiver, that they would give up anything to be with them. There is no room for selfishness in love. Love will endure the pain of refinement for those they love.

Love is the greatest of impossibilities known to man. We don’t have to love anyone. No one has to love us. We can’t force someone to love us, and, they can’t force us to love them, but, when someone is willing to be transparent with you, to be vulnerable, they are inviting you into their heart, to experience their pain, their suffering, their imperfection. And, the exposure of imperfection, ought to move us in a way, that allows us to reveal our imperfection to them. The very essence in which love is created, perfects, the imperfection. When one is able to give, and, receiver in love, they are able to receive an impossibility, grace. Something we did not deserve, yet, someone chose to give to us freely, and, by design, by receiving grace, we are moved to give it as well.


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