The greatest heretic I have ever met

Websters defines a heretic as: anyone who does not conform to an established attitude, doctrine, or principle.

About five years ago, I was introduced to a man who was deeply admired by a large number of people. He was the source of a lot of books sold. He was widely loved, by a few, and, hated by many. The man was considered a guru of life by those who those few who loved him. By, all accounts, the man was a rebel. He had seen enough of what was going on around him. He saw the corrupt establishments of his local churches, he saw how the dogma’s were used to push down the people in his community. Especially the people who needed to hear the message he was delivering.

This man, by, all means was a heretic. He rebelled against the ways of the local church around him. His attitude was not for majority, but, for the minority. He destroyed the principles of the established organizations, he did not abide the politics of man, calling for a revolt against them. He knew as long as man was divided against each other, love and peace could not happen. The more time I spent with this man, I knew he was right, and, even though his ways were considered heretical.

When I take a look back to the Jesus I met when I was 18, I would never have imagined what would have happened to me. My broken heart, started finding love. My destruction, started finding peace. My addictions, started to find freedom. He invited me into conversation with him about what it meant to live in union with him, with myself, and, with those around me. My empty heart could not live with him. My angry heart, could not live without his forgiveness. And, without him, I could not have slowly began letting go of the damage done to me.

Our church is changing. Our culture is changing. Is that so bad? As long as we have Jesus accompanying us on this journey, to guide us through what reconciliation for the generations to come will look like. We must turn our back on some attitudes, doctrines and principles, so we can turn from the death of the world, and, be invited to drink from the cup of life.


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