The search for meaning

I was having a conversation with a friend recently. This friend is a tattoo artist and musician. Creativity oozes through his veins. His band just broke up, and, I asked what him what was next, and he replied “something passionate”. I love that answer, because, it wasn’t something corporate or greedy. It was him. He doesn’t want to be the next Nickelback or Justin Bieber.

I think I stay up to late sometimes. When my eyes are watching TV, and, I become to stupid and can’t handle anything, so I turn to E! for my entertainment, and, I get stuck watching Chelsea Lately! and shows with the Kardashians and Kendra. Every morning, I wake up exhausted and say to myself “I’m tired because of that?!?” (although, I can’t fully blame Kim and Khloe for my restless heart and mind, only Lamar Odom can).

The more I awaken my eyes to the world around me, I realize we are truly asleep. Maybe, we are fascinated with how big Kim Kardashian’s  ass is because life, because reality, is too boring and painful for us to deal with. Maybe, all the years of our parent’s divorces/wars, all of the years of being beaten, molested, mocked, abused, and addicted, all of the times we have fallen short of what we ourselves and those around us have expected of us are too painful to face, and, we’d rather not experience these things, and, not let others experience them as well. So our relationships reflect this. And, we’ll wake up 40 someday, and, realize we hate our lives. Our careers will  not satisfy us. Our friends will look like ourselves, miserable and alone. Our children will look like us, but, their eyes will have drifted to the very things we create to cover up this meaninglessness.

What if we opened our eyes?

What if, over time, we could overcome the blaring gap that covers our souls?

We could enter a place where consumerism no longer controlled us. The place where the latest fashion trends, where our addictions no longer controlled us, where thoughts of the unachievable life of a bigger and better place, didn’t reign over our lives. Where we could not only find contentment but actual peace and joy, in our conversations, in our meals, in the healing of ourselves and those around us. What if the impossible became possible? A life where we experienced and manifested love, through someone else, and, potentially, a divine entity. Where starving and thirsty kids, would no longer hunger or thirst. A place where we could enter into peace with each other. A place where love reigns.

It starts with a risky move, can you open your heart?


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