Loose grip

We as human beings like to hold ourselves and the world into a box. It’s a system in which we can maintain power, structure and control. We like to hold things as right or wrong, either/or, us vs them, very binary thinking.

When I can get past my own defense mechanisms, my own struggle with power, structure and control, I find that I am a very broken human being. While this is something I have slowly begun to accept, it comes with an admission I am not very free. My psyche is broken and alienates myself first, then others. My heart is filled with anger, fear and sorrow, while my head is filled with judgment, moralistic frustrations, and, obsessive compulsive tendencies. There is not a lot of freedom in that. For someone seeking Truth, I have not come very far. I do not know very much, and, I experience even a little less than that.I think all human beings are like me in this way. Maybe, you don’t share the same psyche, emotional and thought process as me, but, we all get stuck.

I have a few people in my life who help me get “unstuck”. What I realize is that I can’t hold onto everything I place my faith in, everything I believe in, and, even the things I disbelieve in so tightly. If I do, it will keep reproducing the same person over and over and over again and that will stop or delay my growth as a human being, as a follower of Christ, as a friend and in any other relationship I hold.

What this does not mean is to participate in a moral or belief system of relativity. A society without a foundation of ethics, beliefs and values, is a society without a foundation. However, and, we are living proof of a society that is stuck. We have spent our way into destruction. We have a polarized country, where believers fight non-believers, where heterosexuals fight homosexuals, where Republicans fight democrats. We must learn to keep an open mind and heart for others. Even if your opposition is only 10% right, that is 10% we can take away from them, and, we are that much more free.

As human beings we need to let go of our systems of power, structure and control. We need to feel the pain, that drives us to that and fully receive others. Romans 1 paints a beautiful picture of a God who is all, and, is in all. He is in the trees. He is in children. We need to open our mind and eyes to receive this all, within all.  And, as long as we hold our need to be right, to hold power, structure and control, we cannot find all, within all.


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